Friday, 11 September 2009

Permission reply from artists.

Dear Band/Manager

I am writing to you to request permission to use one of your songs (as made famous by Forever Never) in an A level course i am attending in at Hartlepool Sixth Form College. The new course requires us to create a music video from our own ideas but need a song which would fit our story boards. There are new copyright laws banning me from using it at free will, so i am making sure you understand that if you grant permission the video will not be used in any other beneficial way other than assisting me to achieve the highest grade possible. if you need to ask me any questions or would like to grant permission you can contact me via e-mail. I would be very thankful.

thank you, Kurt Montrose-Douglas

Kurt - sounds fine to me. Use it as you wish, and be sure to show us your work at the end of it! That's the only premise - that we get to see it when it's all done! :)

Nice one! 


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