Monday, 21 September 2009

CD album art breakdown

To compare, this is the cover of the album of our chosen bands latest work. Its similar to their fist also. It is noticeably obvious that there is no likeness to these two album covers besides the fact they are both very random. Or maybe the fact they both have their Band names on the cover. This may have some relaxing emotions to it on the cover but the music itself does not seem so relaxed because it is mostly fast paced and heavy.

This album cover is from a band known as Unearth. They are American based and have the same genre of music as our selected band. In the cover they seem to have used grim colours such as a sepia effect with darkened backgrounds. The title is written in a strange font to link with the genre. The man in the photo has no eyes and looks as if he is cracking apart and he is also being dragged back by bloody hands. This is hard to tell if it has any involvement with the songs because in this genre of music most pictures or themes can be random.

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