Monday, 21 September 2009

Deconstruction of similar video and their CD cover and website

Many Things Untold - That's the Beauty Of It I Guess

This band is closest to my chosen band in terms of genre, they have a quite simple performance video in which the they perform against a white background dressed entirely in black. 
I like the idea in this video of having the lyrics edited in as they are being sung. 
The editing in this video makes it more interesting that most videos of this genre in which the band simply performs.



The CD cover for Many Things Untold's debut album, Atlantic, is conventional of a metal band. 

It uses dark colours for both the font and the background image. 

The font is black and quite plain apart for the word 'Untold' wrapping the words 'Many Things' and the gothic underlining. 

The image consists of a girl wearing a white dress walking towards the Atlantic ocean. 

The scene is rather dark and melancholy representing the sound of the band.


This is the main picture at the top of the bands MySpace page, the band is depicted sat against a graffitied wall.

They all, apart from Toby (vocalist), are dressed in black which is typical of the genre.

the have serious expressions and could not be described as a fun band.

They have the band name at the bottom of the photo in the same font from the album just without the underlining.

it is a simple yet serious layout with a plain font used throughout.


the website and CD cover are quite similar with the use of dark colours and being fairly uncomplicated.

The band through these are represented as being tough.

The font used on both the album and the website is consistent throughout which shows they have a consistent sound and do not incorporate different genres into their music.

The video however is unlike the bands usual look as they perform against a white background. They do stick to the conventions by wearing all black although the video is quite light compared to the bands usual look.

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