Friday, 13 November 2009

Draft Website

This is the draft we made for our website however we decided instead to create a magazine advertisement as our second ancillary task as we decided that we could have a greater creative input on this. 

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Animatic Storyboard

This is the animatic we will follow when filming our music video

Monday, 2 November 2009

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Shooting Calendar

Initial Ideas

  • Four girls with different stories
  • Pregnant girl
  • Cheating couple
  • Domestic violence
  • Overdosing girl
  • Mainly narrative
  • Performance in between 
  • Dark clothing, dark makeup
  • Fast editing
  • Use of close ups and extreme close ups to show emotions
  • Low lighting
  • Match cuts

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Cast List

Domestic Violence - George Holtom and Leanne Whitelock 

Pregnancy Scene - Jenna Weir

Drug Overdose - Sarah Lester

Bassist - Markus Nicholson

Lead Guitar - Paul Wallace

Rhythm - Kurt Douglas

Drums - Paul Hegarty

Vocalist - Danny Mason

Monday, 5 October 2009

Initial ideas

 this is a mind map of our ideas for the music video

Job Roles

We have created a chart containing which jobs we will personally be in charge of.

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Brand Logo

This is the logo for the band that I have created using Adobe Photoshop, this logo will be used on the CD/DVD cover and the website that we create. The colours and font are very conventional of the genre of the band therefore I think this is a suitable logo to use.

Target Audience Research

We created a questionnaire to give to our target audience which is people aged 15-20. 

    1. What do you think about the look of this band?

2. Do you think you would listen to their music?

3. What is your favourite genre of music?

4. Do you think videos are important to a song?

5. Do you watch music videos often?

6. Do you like the focus of a video to be on the artist?

7. Is a band/artists image important to you?

8. What is your favourite music video and why?

Monday, 21 September 2009

Deconstruction of similar video and their CD cover and website

Many Things Untold - That's the Beauty Of It I Guess

This band is closest to my chosen band in terms of genre, they have a quite simple performance video in which the they perform against a white background dressed entirely in black. 
I like the idea in this video of having the lyrics edited in as they are being sung. 
The editing in this video makes it more interesting that most videos of this genre in which the band simply performs.



The CD cover for Many Things Untold's debut album, Atlantic, is conventional of a metal band. 

It uses dark colours for both the font and the background image. 

The font is black and quite plain apart for the word 'Untold' wrapping the words 'Many Things' and the gothic underlining. 

The image consists of a girl wearing a white dress walking towards the Atlantic ocean. 

The scene is rather dark and melancholy representing the sound of the band.


This is the main picture at the top of the bands MySpace page, the band is depicted sat against a graffitied wall.

They all, apart from Toby (vocalist), are dressed in black which is typical of the genre.

the have serious expressions and could not be described as a fun band.

They have the band name at the bottom of the photo in the same font from the album just without the underlining.

it is a simple yet serious layout with a plain font used throughout.


the website and CD cover are quite similar with the use of dark colours and being fairly uncomplicated.

The band through these are represented as being tough.

The font used on both the album and the website is consistent throughout which shows they have a consistent sound and do not incorporate different genres into their music.

The video however is unlike the bands usual look as they perform against a white background. They do stick to the conventions by wearing all black although the video is quite light compared to the bands usual look.

Comparison of music video narratives.

Tonight Is Goodbye - Black Dress.

A basic music video of the band themselves preforming, however different to most by the use of the balloons and the girls dancing. Most music videos of this genre are simply the band playing with little or no narrative actually going on. for our music video we intend to still use the conventional performance but incorporate more of a narrative.

Go: Audio - She Left Me

This music video is more along the lines of the type of video i am planning on using to create. it has the performance then a narrative playing through. although the band are different genre to the band we have chosen they still use the same style of music video by using the band playing. it is a high energy video which means there is a lot of fast editing which we are planning to do.

CD album art breakdown

To compare, this is the cover of the album of our chosen bands latest work. Its similar to their fist also. It is noticeably obvious that there is no likeness to these two album covers besides the fact they are both very random. Or maybe the fact they both have their Band names on the cover. This may have some relaxing emotions to it on the cover but the music itself does not seem so relaxed because it is mostly fast paced and heavy.

This album cover is from a band known as Unearth. They are American based and have the same genre of music as our selected band. In the cover they seem to have used grim colours such as a sepia effect with darkened backgrounds. The title is written in a strange font to link with the genre. The man in the photo has no eyes and looks as if he is cracking apart and he is also being dragged back by bloody hands. This is hard to tell if it has any involvement with the songs because in this genre of music most pictures or themes can be random.

Friday, 11 September 2009

Link to the chosen artist.

Permission reply from artists.

Dear Band/Manager

I am writing to you to request permission to use one of your songs (as made famous by Forever Never) in an A level course i am attending in at Hartlepool Sixth Form College. The new course requires us to create a music video from our own ideas but need a song which would fit our story boards. There are new copyright laws banning me from using it at free will, so i am making sure you understand that if you grant permission the video will not be used in any other beneficial way other than assisting me to achieve the highest grade possible. if you need to ask me any questions or would like to grant permission you can contact me via e-mail. I would be very thankful.

thank you, Kurt Montrose-Douglas

Kurt - sounds fine to me. Use it as you wish, and be sure to show us your work at the end of it! That's the only premise - that we get to see it when it's all done! :)

Nice one! 


Chosen Song and Lyrics

Forever Never - As I Lie

Holding on to, What I've known, It's not really easy to let it go, 
Now these eyes will see the truth: Now I know, just what to be. 

This life that follows me, 
Wont let go. 
And everything that stops me, 
I'll break through. 

As I Lie I Feel my soul Redeeming all it's pride, 
Only Time can heal these wounds that I've made. 

Feeling this desire, holding onto it, Not the one who missed, everything. 
Now I'm feeling higher, higher than I've ever been, Now that I see what I could be
This life that follows me, 
Wont let go. 
And everything that stops me, 
I'll break through. 

Each time I see it, 
I could make it mine, 
By simply saying, 
That important line, 
See that face, 
Watch it cry, 
Shed a tear for you but I won't redeem this lie.

Music video introduction

We are researching particular types of music videos which suit our chosen genre. In order to recreate a music video for a copyright song, we have to request permission to  multiple artists which we decided would suit our ideas and storyboards. we will also have to research lyrics, themes and lyrical definitions. We will also be posting our permission reply on the blog to show that the song has not been stole or simply used without permission. at the same time we will be deconstructing album covers of the same music genre of what we are working on.